Current Dividend

A Dividend Record Few Can Match

With a 46-year track record of continuously increasing cash dividend, RPM joins only 41 of the thousands of publicly traded U.S. companies (less than half of one percent) that have paid a higher annual cash dividend for this period of time or longer, according to the Mergent Handbook of Dividend Achievers. During this timeframe, the company has returned approximately $2.6 billion in cash dividends to its stockholders.

Dividend Growth Drives Total Return

In an era of extremely low interest rates on savings account and other interest-bearing investment options, RPM's dividend yield, coupled with the stock price appreciation possible in a growing business, make RPM attractive to both institutional and individual investors.

Since beginning its focus on an annually growing dividend in 1973, RPM has grown from $25 million in annual sales to more than $5 billion, while delivering $2.6 billion in after-tax capital to its shareholders through its cash dividend program.

RECORD DATE July 16, 2020
EX-DIVIDEND DATE July 15, 2020
PAYABLE DATE July 31, 2020
AMOUNT $0.36 per common share


Present Fiscal year Dividend      $1.41        = Present yield or  1.72%
      returned on purchase price
Present Price of Stock                 $81.95

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